AU Capturing Agile Requirements by Example


Agile United - Capturing Agile Requirements by Example  (AU - CARE) is a three-day intensive, hands-on and interactive training for those who are working in requirements engineering, business analysis and QA. AU-CARE will expand your professional knowledge and help you to become more successful in your job in an Agile environment.

This intensive, hands-on, and interactive training to help you develop skills and knowledge associated with requirments engineering in an agile context. In this course, we will dive into behavior-driven development (BDD) and discuss who is involved in the process and why it is useful especially in an Agile team. We will then explore impact mapping, event storming, and then looks into the basicas of "Specification by Example". In each of these topics we will not only discuss the theory, but also the who, what and why behind each concept.  

We will then explore the concept of example mapping and building upon this, together discover "Specification with Examples" . Once these concepts are clear for everyone we'll move ahead with ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Developement using BDD, which will bring all of the knowledge gained throughout this course together.​

Finally, we'll look at what to do with this knowledge and how to implement these various concepts into your everyday work. We'll briefly explore the concept of the psychology behind teamword and the way you can support your team to create the right mindset to create incredible software.

Target Audience

Agile United - Capturing Agile Requirements by Example  (AU - CARE)  has been designed for anyone looking to better understand the different roles involve in the different stages of CARE. This includes anyone interested in implementing impact mapping, event storming, example mapping. 

Participants will improve their overall knowledge and the specifics requires for BDD, ACTDD, and people skills. 


Although there aren't any mandatory prerequisites, it is definitely benificial to hold an ISTQB certificate or an Agile or Scrum certificate like PSM or CSM or ASF or at least reading through the Scrum guide.

Check out the syllabus for more ideas and literature recommendations. 

Syllabi and sample exams coming soon!

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